Encouraged by the 1979 SAR Convention, the Japan Coast Guard (JCG) established a ship reporting system - JASREP- immediately after the Convention entered into force in 1985.

It is essential that more and more vessels participate in the system in order to make it effective.

voluntary mutual rescue system








@The System is variable for all the navigating vessels as it ensures their safety. Position reports and relevant information from ships are processed by the computer and maintained under strict control. The System is to ensure the safety of the vessels in that the JCG contacts the participating vessel if she fails to report in 24-hr sequence, and in a possible event of unfortunate distress case, it enables prompt and effective search and rescue operation. The JCG dispatches its assets and if necessary requests the JASREP participating vessel in the vicinity to proceed to the scene for their support.




  JASREP Reports



SP [sailing plan]



PR [position rep.]



FR [final rep.]






DR [deviation rep.]


2008 JASREP Awards Ceremony 


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Information obtained from reports above is maintained in the computers under strict control and safeguarding the ships navigation.