Security Information of Ship

Important notice to mariners who enter Japanese port from abroad

Security Information of Ship

1. Guidance

From 1st July, 2004, the revised SOLAS regulations and the law for t he security of ships and of port facilities comes into force to prevent and suppress terrorism acts against ships. All ships which come from foreign ports and intend to enter ports in Japanese waters are required to report security information of their ships to designated Coast Guard office before their arrival.

* All ships who enter Japanese port from abroad are required to report these information regardless of their nationality, size, type and etc.,

* All ships that enter special areas (e.g. Bay of Tokyo, Bay of Ise, Seto inland sea) are also required to report these information.

* This report is only required for those ships come from a foreign port directly to Japan. Therefore, it is not necessary for ships that have already entered Japanese ports and keep domestic voyages.

*You can either use this form as an application form for dangerous cargo loading, berthing request, berth shift permission, mooring facility permission and insurance status report to local port authorities.

Where to report ?

* Please report to local JCG office in charge of the port where you intend to enter.

* If you enter specific areas without determining Japanese port of call or without calling on any Japanese ports, please report to the following JCG office.

1 Bay of Tokyo ; Yokosuka Coast Guard Office

2 Bay of Ise ; Toba Coast Guard Office

3 Seto inland sea, when entering

from Kii channel ; Tokushima Coast Guard Office

from Bungo channel ; Uwajima Coast Guard Office

from Kanmon channel ; Moji Coast Guard Office

Who should report?

* Captain is responsible for this report. However, owners and ship agents authorized by the captain or ship owner can also submit the report.

How to report?

* NACCS, fax, mail and hand delivery are accepted. NACCS is preferable because it ensures smooth and reliable communication.

◆ What should you do if you fail to report 24 hours before the arrival due to bad weather or some other inevitable circumstances?

* Please report immediately to a designated local JCG office.

* When you face imminent dangers and need to enter port urgently, please report them as soon as you enter the port.

(Please contact Regional JCG headquarters for more detail.) 

2. Procedure etc.


Report Form (English) 〔Word Excel PDF

Crew List (FAL form) 〔Word PDF
Passenger List (FAL form) 〔Word PDF


Guidelines (PDF)


Example (PDF)
Example Crew List (PDF)
Example Passenger List (PDF)