(As of April 1, 2020)
Aircraft are deployed at the coast guard air stations and other air stations, nationwide and are engaged in maintaining marine order, marine rescue, preventing maritime disasters, monitoring and controlling marine pollution, and ensuring the safety of maritime traffic, by taking advantage of their excellent mobility and monitoring capabilities. They are also active in volcano monitoring and coastal surveying.

Gulfstream V "Umiwashi"

Falcon 2000 "Churataka"

Bombardier 300 "Shimataka"

Saab 340 "Hayabusa"

Beach 350 "Umikamome"

Cessna 172 "Amatsubame"

Super Puma 225 "Inuwashi"

Super Puma 332 "Umitaka"

Agusta 139 "Okitaka"

Sikorsky 76C "Shimafukurou"

Bell 412 "lsetaka"

Sikorsky 76D "Shimawashi"

Bell 505 "Oruri"