Saving lives

Saving lives

The sea has been used as a place for various activities, such as marine transportation, fishing, and marine leisure, and is familiar to us, but sometimes ship accidents, such as ship collision or capsizing, and beach accidents during marine leisure, occur. So, it is also a dangerous place.
The JCG conducts activities to inform and educate the public about the dangers of the sea and the need to secure basic measures for self-rescue and strives to prevent maritime accidents. In the event of a maritime accident, we carry out prompt rescue and emergency activities with a strong sense of mission and do our best to save precious lives.

Current state of marine rescue

Current state in 2019

Rescue situation

(1) Rescue of people
[1] Beach accident

In 2019, the JCG recognized that there had been 798 people who had a beach accident related to marine leisure (swimming, fishing, etc.), of which 562 were rescued, including self-rescues. On the other hand, there were 908 victims due to beach accidents (falling into the sea during a walk, suicide, etc.) other than those during the marine leisure. Of the 456 people, excluding suicide, 184 were rescued including self-rescue.

[2] Accident while onboard a ship

In 2019, the JCG recognized that there were 626 victims due to accidents on board a ship (injuries, falling into the sea, etc.) during a ship accident (ship collision, grounding on shore, capsizing, etc.). Of them, 562 people were rescued including self- rescue. On the other hand, there were 910 victims due to accidents onboard a ship (injuries, falling into the sea, illness, etc.) other than ship accidents, and of the 893 people, excluding suicide, 704 were rescued including self-rescue.

(2) Rescue of ships

The number of ship accidents recognized by the JCG in 2019 was 2,058, of which 1,839 ships were rescued, including those entering the port on their own.

State of dispatching patrol vessels and aircraft

The JCG carried out rescue activities by dispatching a total of 3,581 patrol vessels and a total of 923 aircraft.

3 State of call (first call) using "Emergency Call 118"

Of the 2,616 personal injury accidents and 2,058 ship accidents recognized by the JCG in 2019, 1,919 cases were called by the emergency call telephone number "118" (for the first call). Of them, 1,310 cases were called from mobile phones.

Rescue and emergency efforts

In the sea, many lives are lost in ship accidents and beach accidents every year.
In order to save as many lives as possible, the JCG strives to enhance and strengthen the rescue system and cooperate with private rescue organizations. In the event of an actual maritime accident, we will promptly send rescue forces to the front line of the site day and night to carry out prompt rescue activities.
To prevent maritime accidents in the coastal areas and prevent disastrous consequences in the unlikely event of a maritime accident, we are working to familiarize people with and raise awareness for basic measures for self-rescue in cooperation and collaboration with related organizations.