Connecting the Sea

Connecting the Sea

It is extremely important for Japan, which is surrounded by the sea on all sides and is one of the world's leading maritime nations, to cooperate and collaborate with other countries connected by the sea and solve various problems that occur at sea smoothly. The JCG works with coast guard agencies in other countries through multilateral and bilateral frameworks to tackle all issues, such as pirates, suspicious ships, smuggling or illegal migration, maritime disasters, and marine environment conservation, maintains and strengthens a Free and Open maritime order based on the rule of law toward the realization of a "Free and Open Indo-Pacific," supports the improvement of maritime security capabilities of coastal states along sea lanes, and makes various efforts in cooperation with international organizations.

Cooperation and collaboration with the coast guard agency of each country

While some crimes involve international criminal organizations and accidents and disasters tend to increase in scale, the jurisdiction of one country is extended only to a limited water. Sea-related problems are often difficult to solve by one country and it is extremely important to cooperate and collaborate with other countries connected by the sea. The JCG takes a lead in developing cooperative relationships between these coast guard agencies into substantial activities through joint trainings and patrols with other countries and is working to cooperate and collaborate in various fields.

Group photo of the 2nd Coast Guard Global Summit

Promotion of the Support in Improving Maritime Security and Safety Capabilities of Foreign Countries

Ensuring the safety of maritime transportation is very crucial for Japan, which relies on it for most of the imports and exports of major materials and energy, to support stable economic activities. Unfortunately, there are some accidents that threaten navigational safety, such as piracy attacks in the Straits of Malacca and Singapore, off the coast of Somalia, and in the Gulf of Aden, which are globally important maritime traffic routes. The JCG shares its knowledge and skills to neighboring countries, including in the Southeast Asia, and provides assistance to improve the maritime security and safety capabilities of each country, thus helping to secure the safety of maritime transportation.

Training scene at ASEAN Regional Training Center

Cooperation with International Organizations

International organizations are formed in various fields to make the knowledge and skills regarding the sea of each country known throughout the world while related countries cooperate and collaborate with each other. The JCG is actively participating in these international organizations' efforts to contribute to the international community by utilizing its knowledge and skills gained through various operations.